For Social Workers

As you know, managing through the pain of cancer (and other life-threatening illnesses) is excruciating for a family – emotionally, physically, and financially. Family Reach Foundation tries to provide a little bit of relief and hope to families facing financial hardship, and help them focus on getting their loved ones back to good health. The following list describes the typical costs that we help to cover for families with special needs:

  • Transportation costs to hospitals and treatment centers
  • Lodging costs for family members that need to travel to visit with their loved ones undergoing treatment
  • Day care and other associated costs incurred as parents are away from home attending to the child in treatment
  • The array of everyday costs that build up as parents lose wages from missed work due to time spent with the child in treatment (including mortgage, rent, car payments, utilities, etc.)
  • Home care and palliative care costs families incur to bring a child home from the hospital to be more comfortable
  • Other costs incurred from special needs that are not covered by insurance

Please click on to the other areas of this section to apply for funds on behalf of a family or to find out more about eligibility. If at any time you have questions, please contact us by phone at (973)394-1411 or by email at

Hospitals in the Family Reach network include:
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